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Non-Profit DAO

Avocado Classic Inc. is a not-for-profit Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that utilizes data mining and blockchain technology to generate funds for renewable energy technology and disperse it's use to improvished areas worldwide.

Browser Mining

No need to spend money to participate. Just leave your browser miner on and running. The collective traffic of the site generates enough hashing power to provide an income for renewable energy projects without the need to display ads.

Piezoelectric renewable energy

Ocean power can be harvested utilizing piezoelectric voltage generators and floating buoys. Our plan is to generate electricity using this method. Our work is based on work by Nikola Tesla and the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids.

No need to spend any money to participate

Just leave your browser open on this webpage. The monero miner can be tracked using the user interface.
By leaving your computer's browser open on this page you are helping those in need around the world.

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